Universal Grappling Arts

Street Based Hand to Hand Combat

Hardcore Intensive Training Seminars (H.I.T.S.)

For those of you looking to get certified you are in luck! Although entire systems take time I have two core programs that you can quickly master. Once you understand the foundations, techniques and applications you will be able to teach them yourself. Schedule yours today.

  • Rapid Assault Tactics-The R.A.T. Program has been taught to special forces (including Navy SEAL Team Six), federal agencies and many law enforcement departments. It was created by Sifu Paul Vunak who taught two of my instructors the matrix. In this program I will teach several nerve destructions from the Filipino art of Kali. You will learn how to destroy anything that comes at you. Next you learn how to add combat proven footwork to increase the effectiveness of your techniques by 100%. Then you are ready to drill Bruce Lee's personal favorite technique. After that you learn easy follow ups based on the natural reactions you will get. As with all of my classes you will learn anatomical targeting and why things work. Are you ready to get certified?


  • Apprentice Instructor seminar in Universal Kali Silat. In this program you will learn a complete system of crippling nerve destructions and fun flow drills. You will then learn angles of attack that can be done with any blunt or edged weapon. Simple and effective take downs, breaks and disarms are taught as well. You will learn how to safely use a knife or a stick and how to fight someone who has one. This art is weapon based but can also be applied empty handed.

Be on the look out for more programs to be added soon because the H.I.T.S. just keep on coming!