Universal Grappling Arts

Street Based Hand to Hand Combat

The D.I.E. Method

We use a three step process to combat that we call the D.I.E. method. D.I.E. stands for destroy, invade and eliminate.                   

   Destroy refers to our Kali nerve destructions (gunting). A Universal Grappling Arts student will look to destroy any attack coming at us. Ideally we would prefer to intercept. When we are the first to attack we look to destroy a vital target, such as the groin or eyes.

   Invade means to invade your enemy's space. This is an aggressive invasion to close the gap and put us in trapping range. In trapping range we will be able to limit the enemy's ability to defend himself and put us in position to use some very devastating tools. This is only possible if we achieve a destruction. Forward pressure is the key here.

   Eliminate is the last step. This is just what it sounds like, we dispose of the enemy. At this point we have them in trapping range, which smothers their strikes, and can use our big guns. We have head butts, knees and elbows among other tools that we can use in this range. A Universal Grappling Arts student will unleash a rapid succussion of these attacks, using killer instinct, to vital targets until the threat is eliminated.