Universal Grappling Arts

Street Based Hand to Hand Combat

Links to great instructors:
Roshankish Martial Arts Center (Medford, MA) for quality Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, MMA and Kali Silat http://www.boston-kravmaga.com/

Fighting Edge Martial Arts Academy (Wallingford, CT) for combat proven Kun Tao and Kali Silat http://www.fightingedgema.com/  

Modern Filipino Kun Tao, Kun Tao Concepts and Kali Silat http://www.modern-kuntao.com/kali-silat.html

For quality Jeet Kune Do or Kali Silat instructors in your area .comhttp://survivalsolutionsjkd.com//

Get NESTA Certified today! The best fitness programs around http://www.nestacertified.com/nesta-programs.html

The World Kali Silat Society - Official Guru listings  http://kalisilat.org/instructors.html MasGuru P.Greg Alland is a great source of martial knowledge. (you will find me on the Guru l