Universal Grappling Arts

Street Based Hand to Hand Combat

Our logo and what it symbolizes


The Inverted Triangle: This represents our footwork. We use an exact opposite approach in footwork compared with any other Filipino Martial arts fusion. Where the typical Filipino Martial Art teaches a lateral movement to defang the snake and then attack, we destroy while we invade the space of the enemy. This is called zoning to zero pressure. We are the point of the triangle and will aggressively move our counter attack to the enemy. This constitutes aggressive footwork and aggressive thinking that is 100% different then the average system.


The sticks that form the triangle: The sticks represent our use of and training against blunt weapons. The sticks themselves are bamboo. Bamboo is universal. It grows fast in both hot and cold environments. We too try to continually grow in any environment to bring our training and being to higher levels. The bamboo is light yet it's one of the hardest woods known to man. The Universal Grappling Arts practitioner walks lightly with grace yet stands firm in his beliefs.



The Yin and Yang: An ancient symbol that depicts the eternal struggle of Good vs Evil and the balance of light and dark sides. Each person has a continued battle within themselves and attempts to find harmony in a hostile world.


The Skull: This reminds us of our mortality and of just how fragile the human body really is. It also alludes to the combative nature of our style and life or death mentality that we seek to cultivate.



The Blades: They represent our use of and training against edged weapons. They also symbolize the fact that we must forever stay sharp mentally, physically and spiritually.